Early Childhood
Health and Well-Being Domain
...Social Emotional and Health Fitness

Ensuring healthy and happy children in Mesa County.

Mission: To create affordable, accessible, available quality support services within our community to encourage health and wellness among children and families.

Did you Know?
  • Nearly one in every 10 children has a mental health concern. Increasingly, teachers are reporting that children are entering elementary school not socially-emotionally ready to learn.
  • Social emotional development is important and impacts a child's ability to form successful relationships and excel academically
  • Early Intervention leads to happier kids and families

If your child is struggling you are not alone. There are local resources available to help you including www.gotkidsroadmap.com.

Factors that affect effective learning:
  • The ability to develop trusting relationships
  • Sharing fun activities
  • Coping with life's ups and downs
  • Feeling safe
  • Being successful

Research states that for optimal child outcomes, every influence children encounter must consistently promote their health and development. Early childhood social and emotional health is a precursor and major determinant of school readiness, and long term academic and life successes.
Source: B. Perry, 1998

Please join us!
The Social Emotional Fitness Committee is chaired by Amy Gallagher. The committee meeting schedule varies and is based on committee projects. For more information, please call 970-683-4303.

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