Early Childhood Initiatives

Partnership for Children and Families (PCF) collaboratively offers an array of services to support the community in their work with young children.
Services and goals are customized per domain annually. Each year, the Partnership for Children and Families focuses on three top priorities per domain to achieve based on community needs.

In addition, we support two specific projects focused solely upon supporting child care providers in their work with young children. While a majority of our projects support systems building in our local community, we also provide direct service to the early childhood community with the School Readiness and Expanding Quality Infant Toddler programs.

School Readiness Quality Improvement Project
Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families receives federal funding from the State of Colorado to improve the quality of early care and education for children under five and better prepare them to enter elementary school.

The PCF School Readiness Quality Improvement Program allows the Early Childhood Council to support improvements in 22 early childhood classrooms in Mesa County.  Approximately 500 children and 5 child care centers benefit from this program.

HB 1238, a bill that was signed into law in 2005 as a continuation of HB 1297, the original School Readiness Bill, funds the School Readiness Grant. Participating counties were required to complete an extensive program application and community School Readiness Plan.

With support from Qualistar Colorado, funding for the School Readiness Quality Improvement Program will come from federal funds. No state tax dollars are being used for this program.

Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care
This is a statewide project serving communities across Colorado, made possible by the Colorado Department of Education and the Department of Human Services Division of Child Care.

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Vision: All infant toddler caregivers act from an appreciation and understanding of their impact on each infant, toddler and family they serve.

Mission: Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care will expand the quality and availability of responsive group care for infants and toddlers in Colorado through:
  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge base of caregivers in infant toddler development to facilitate responsive caregiving with respect for cultural differences
  • Facilitating professional development for infant toddler caregivers
  • Offering a 48-hour intensive training series for teachers specific to infants and toddlers.
  • Offering tuition assistance through the Colorado Department of Education
  • Offering training to meet the regulatory requirements for licensing infant/toddler nursery supervisors and specialized family child care homes.
  • Providing on-site reflective coaching
  • Offering college credit when possible and CDE Certificates of Completion
  • 16 Modules covered in Expanding Quality Infant Toddler classes

    These efforts support early childhood educators throughout Mesa County, promoting quality care in safe, healthy, and nurturing environments.  By strengthening today's families, we are building tomorrow's communities.
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