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Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families

Mission: The Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families will create, coordinate and sustain a resource rich community for all families so that children reach their full potential in safe and optimally nurturing environments.

Vision: Helping families reach their full potential.

The purpose of the Partnership for Children and Families ( PCF) is to assist three specific domains:

  • Learning & Development
  • Family Support & Parent Education
  • Health & Well-Being

PCF believes that every child in Mesa County is everyone's child. To have any child suffer, regardless of the cause, is unacceptable to the community and to PCF. PCF is dedicated to ensurign that Mesa County children and families are healthy and thriving.

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History of Mesa County Partnership for Children & Families
Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families, formally known as the Early Childhood Partnership, formed in 1999 after community leaders met to discuss child mortality rates in Mesa County. The community had seen a spike of child abuse related deaths and a higher rate of young children dying than ever before. The leadership group decided a community-wide effort to provide preventive services to families was needed. As a result of strong collaboration, the Early Childhood Partnership emerged to focus on serving children from pre-natal to 5 years.

In September 2007, The Early Childhood Partnership became The Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families and expanded to include children prenatal to age 10. The adolescent continuum agreed to expand its ages served by beginning at age 11.

Currently, an all volunteeer Early Childhood Steering Committee and nine paid staff support the work of the Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families.

PCF provides support and leadership to the community through prevention, education, collaboration and advocacy.
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